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Tips for the beginner artist. A creative blog by Colin Perini, based on 30 years experience as a professional artist.

Last century, when the sun was shining and Colin was but a boy, he graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. Looking back he thinks that it was probably a modern day miracle because he cannot recall ever being that intelligent. He spent his time in the Australian Mining Industry. A lovely place to be if you like being surrounded by rocks, diesel fuel and heavy equipment (and beautiful sunsets).
During his spare time, he consistently practiced drawing and painting, dreaming of the day he could leave the corporate world and build a life around his creative ways. He had trouble playing the ‘pretending to be busy’ game that was required in heavy industry.

However he does admit that he did learn to carry a clipboard everywhere and that really helped the appearance of a man on the go. He feels that this was one of the creative ways he found to help him slip from the corporate ladder. Speaking the truth also was a contributing factor.

Circumstances twisted and turned and eventually, he became a full-time portrait artist.Initially he did serious portraits, but soon changed to cartoon portraits because people did not know what they looked like, so why waste time being serious? His quick creative, portraits were still realistic, but drawn very quickly and with an element of fun. He also noticed that people like fun! Over time, he learned to draw with 2 hands at once.

He drew over 75,000 portraits in Australia, England and USA, though near the end he started losing its passion.
So he changed careers and became a renowned seascape artist.

P.O. Box 1166
Broadbeach, QLD 4218
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Added: 8 February 2011 1:23pm
Last Edited: 5 September 2013 1:46pm
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