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Networking, the casual way

We meet every second Thursday morning (makes it easier to diarize in Outlook).

Prompt start at 7.30am (Everyone to get there at 7.15am).

Order your coffee or breakfast by completing the Excel order form and pay for it when ordered.

 The spirit of this meeting is to get to know each other and how we can help each other to be successful. This a mutual help group.

Format will be;

* Announcements of interest to all

* "Around the circle" - 1 minute plug from each person.

* Table Topic agreed at the previous meeting - a topic of specific business interest to members. Discussion to be led by a member (but visitors are also welcome to participate). The objective is to explore the realities of business developments or the business environment to help everyone to be more successful and gain an "unfair advantage".

* Network!!! We have a fantastic knowledge resource within our members. Every member is willing to donate one hour to help any other member.


Hope Island, QLD 4212
Added: 2 May 2012 4:36pm
Last Edited: 1 May 2013 3:46pm
Gold Coast Small Business Network
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