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Netrepair Pty Ltd

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NetRepair Gold Coast Computer Services & IT Solutions

Netrepair Gold Coast leading the Gold Coast in Telecommunications and IT services to the mid market. We partner with our clients to deliver a complete range of Information Technology and Telecomunication solutions for all individuals and business owners.

NetRepair can handle technology sourcing, infrastructure integration and software development, to fully managed and secure IT&T solutions for all Gold Coast businesses. We also offer a dedicated professional consulting service. We help our clients to improve productivity, enhanced performance and achieve organisational transformation.

NetRepair have expertise in:

  • Graphics and Publishing
  • Audio and Film, education
  • All forms of Internet, Local and Wide area computer networking

Providing technical expertise in the form of:

  • Computer Consultancy
  • Setup and installation of computer hardware and software
  • Computer hardware and software repairs,service and sales
  • Computer and Networking maintenance agreements
  • On-site technical computer and networking support
  • In-house technical support for computers and networking
  • Performance analysis and improvement for all computers and networks
  • Network design services
  • Security design services
  • Telephone assistance and support

At NetRepair is dedicated and committed to:

  • Maintaining the highest level of business ethics
  • Maintaining highly trained technical staff that understand technical talk but explain in layman’s terms
  • Thoroughly understanding our customer's needs and requirements
  • Delivering customised solutions that best meet your needs
  • Providing ongoing technical support as technologies and needs change
  • Developing long term "Win-Win" relationships with our customers

We Do Better IT Better

Our Promise to You

We challenge you to find another Gold Coast computer consulting firm on the Gold Coast that would dare to make these promises:

  • No surprises. You get professional support and advice that makes IT a tool, not a headache.
  • Rapid Response. We can perform a high percentage of your IT Support remotely, without the delay, inconvenience and most importantly, the cost of having an expensive technician onsite. How much time is wasted when people try to solve their own computer problems? How much does that time cost?
  • No Techno Speak. We will provide the answers to your questions in PLAIN ENGLISH. Our technicians will not talk down to you or make you feel stupid because you don't understand "techno speak".
  • Emergency Onsite Support. when it’s needed we can quickly get an engineer onsite to solve your problems. In fact some of our IT support plans include emergency onsite support at no additional cost.
  • Designed for Small and Medium Sized Business. We mainly deal with small and medium sized companies, so we have huge amounts of experience of your special needs. We can tailor our service to your needs.
  • The Latest Technology. We have used our technical skills to choose the best support and security management systems specifically for the needs of small and growing businesses. We’ve selected the best technologies to provide the highest quality and fastest service for your business needs.
  • Highy Qualified Professional Staff. Our team of IT professionals provide all the services a growing company needs. You will get prompt service, effective problem resolution and promises kept
7-8/25 Lemana Lane
Gold Coast, QLD 4220
Added: 30 May 2008 4:04pm
Last Edited: 9 December 2013 3:51pm
Netrepair Pty Ltd
Netrepair Pty LtdNetrepair Pty LtdNetrepair Pty Ltd
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