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Affordable online 1 on 1 guitar lessons via Skype for all levels and styles, Free First Lesson no Obligation. A free guitar lesson after 10 sessions

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Learning Guitar has never been easier. Using Skype or a similar communication application, you will be taught by Emz,
a master guitarist based in Sydney Australia, who has been performing and teaching guitar since 1972.

By using Skype with a web cam and a microphone, you will have the convenience of one on one guitar lessons in the comfort of your own home.
Don’t waste time or money travelling to some dingy room in the back of a music shop, where you will be distracted by the noises of other students in adjacent rooms. Another great advantage of using Skype is the ability to record your guitar lesson as a video file and review it as many times as you like.

So, no matter where you live, the internet makes it possible to benefit from Emz’s experience.

Cromer, NSW 2099
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