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iPledg provides all the tools needed to build a campaign and share it with the world though our crowd-funding platform.

iPledg has also brought together a community of independent service providers -  all of whom are professionals keen to see great ideas develop, and who are prepared to offer their services at reduced rates to assist project creators in planning and executing their funding campaigns and the initiatives they support. 

The process starts with a ‘project creator’ who creates a project online indicating how much funding is required to complete that project …and the timeframe in which they wish to raise those funds (30 – 120 days). A pledge is not an investment, nor is it a donation (except in the case of a registered charitable organization) so it is not encumbered by traditional legislation.

A pledge on iPledg is simply a pledge of financial support by the ‘project supporter’… in many instances because of nothing more than an interest or altruistic reasons. As a token of his/her appreciation the ‘project creator’ rewards the pledgor with a small, tangible or intangible reward.

Anyone posting a project thus creates a structure to invite friends, family, fans, and broader networks to offer support. Visitors to the website may then pledge money via a secure, discreet and automated online payments process.

In most instances (the exception being charitable pledges) it is only when projects achieve their minimum funding requirement, and within the specified time frame, that the monies will be passed onto the project creator. Should the minimum funding target not be reached, or not be reached within the specified timeframe, the project supporters do not part with any of their money and the project creator then has the opportunity to either: (1) withdraw and do nothing further or (2) review his/her original pitch and start another campaign taking his / her initial learning’s to heart.  This is what is meant by “all or nothing” funding.

Whilst the “sweet spot” for raising money through crowd funding initiatives has typically been between $2,000 and $25,000, much larger amounts have been raised.

iPledg is the only Crowd Funding Platform in the world to currently provide this service for: 

à      Commercial and Business,

à      Artistic and Creative, and  

à      Charitable and Community projects.

Apart from an efficient and cost-effective way for project creators to raise the monies they require, a successfully run fund-raising campaign often provides social proof, showing that a population/market outside of the project creator and ‘insiders’ believes the product or initiative to be something which will create demand or something which is a good idea.

Crowd funding has the benefit of ensuring project creators raise funds without going into debt or giving up equity, and all whilst presenting the idea to (potentially) a worldwide audience.

Successfully funding a project through iPledg may also improve prospects for the project creator to move up the funding ladder, and ultimately gain the necessary confidence, interest, and support from the more traditional forms of early stage business funding such as Angel investors, venture capital, private equity, and government grants.

We hope you find something on iPledg that entices your involvement – be it as a project creator, a project supporter or merely as an interested onlooker.

”everything is a miracle, you are a miracle, the universe is a miracle, and …what’s so unusual about expecting YOUR own miracle”? …”the power of expectation is the awakening of hope, desire, enthusiasm, excitement, dreams, all qualities that make life fulfilling – your level of expectation is where it all begins”….

(Quote from the foreword of “You can expect a Miracle” by Dr John Hinwood)...

We welcome you to the exciting world of crowd funding, and to iPledg.

16 Ashmore rd
Bundall, QLD 4217
Added: 23 February 2012 4:43pm
Last Edited: 1 May 2013 12:19pm
iPledg Pty Ltd
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