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Faris Mouasher's Sacred Bodywork - Healer & Bodywork Specialist

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Welcome my name is Faris Mouasher; I am a healer and a bodywork specialist. I invite you to take charge of your life and experience through my facilitation and bodywork your own innate life force and learn how to heal yourself and cultivate this energy to achieve a life you want to live.

For over 25 years I have been helping people through my gift to alleviate pain, have better relationships with self, your partner, family and friends, remove judgement, shame, guilt and learn to accept yourself more deeply. Connect with the divine feminine energy and feel safe to live from the heart.  Feel open to express and share life intimately with those you love.

  • Are you living in fear, pain, and stressed out?
  • Are you experiencing emotional hardship through a loss, break up or divorce?
  • Are you not enjoying your work?
  • Have you lost your desire for life or feeling depressed?
  • Have you lost your libido?
  • Do you feel challenged to open your heart and share yourself intimately and sexually with your partner? 
  • Do you keep choosing the wrong partners in your life?
  • What about simply just too tired and feeling unhappy? 

Do you feel that you have lost that connection with the hidden Woman within; who you know is just waiting to glow? Through my Bodywork, I will help you be clearer so that you can connect with your own inner guidance and wisdom. I can help you connect with your own energy to reconnect with that Woman within, who is yearning to be expressed and loved.

Do you as a leader; a practitioner, teacher, professional, or healer yourself; have trouble finding a healer to help you with your own rejuvenation and clarity, so that you are able to help others more effectively?

All of my work is done at my Gold Coast clinic in Ashmore whereby a professional and Sacred Space is provided for your healing. Great care, pure intention and integrity is taken to specifically support you in having an experience that will ground you, align your body, bring you clarity and much more depending on your needs on the day. Imagine experiencing your whole body as one, relaxed, at peace, full of vitality and experiencing your life to the fullest.

We talk and hear a lot of words; we seem to have more knowledge but less action. We must embrace the ‘NOW’ in our experience; we must honour our selves more deeply and connect with who we truly are. If you want change you must do things differently to achieve a different result…YES? I will guide you to experience transformation outside of the old perceptions and mindsets that have held you back to a place where you can experience yourself in the energy that unlocks your infinite wisdom.

I work with you to support a tailored session with 100% confidentiality.

Make a booking Now and take your first step to a better life. 

Relaxing massage    Healing treatments    Life transformation         Women's health     Sexual health

Suite 4, Level 1, 160 Cotlew St.
Ashmore, QLD 4214
Faris Mouasher
Added: 2 December 2009 3:06pm
Last Edited: 15 May 2013 10:37am
Faris Mouasher's Sacred Bodywork - Healer & Bodywork Specialist
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