Trash Monkey Southport Rises from the Rubble

Trash Monkey Pinup GalsIn the past few years the much loved retailers of Southport have suffered through the battleground that is the construction zone for Light Rail, newer shinier centers opening along the Gold Coast Corridor, consumers dumping their local bricks and mortar stores in favour of no name global online competition.

What sort of retailer could cope with this amongst many other negatives that plague retail and the local area in general? Let’s just say here, it ain’t another $2 shop, cheap chain or fast food outlet that the Southport hub requires. It needs a Monkey, a Trash Monkey to be exact. For it is the traits of a monkey that can prove a success at such a bleak time ~mischievous, clever, friendly, fun, loving, curious, energetic, inventive and always entertaining!

Trash Monkey New StoreWith the addition of a new downstairs store on Scarborough St to extend to the already extensive Monkey retail space that is hidden up the stairs clearly this monkey has some serious energy and enthusiasm! “We are feeling optimistic and can see a light at the end of the light rail. We endured the same upheaval at our Fortitude Valley store during Chinatown mall renovations. Southport is an untapped area for smaller, unique retailers and businesses who prefer strip shopping to the clinical larger shopping centers” says head chimp Monique Gregory.

The new Trash Monkey downstairs store has adopted a Retro Tiki theme that fits perfectly with the Gold Coast sun, surf and good times culture. “We are an alternative department store on the current of a new fashion wave! Our endeavour is to support independent retailers rather than the major and drive a cultivation of variety in to everyday fashion. Trash Monkey commends to an endless dimension of styled clothing influenced from past to present.” Says Ms Gregory.

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