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Australian Environmental Mining Solutions

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Australian Environmental Mining Solutions offers superior water and weather protection systems for increased service life of secondary containment, landfills, resevoirs, and other types of constructions.

Our Product

Elastoseal EPDM Geomembrane

Rubber possesses unique properties and it has proven itself for many years. The material provides an effective and durable membrane with high resistance to chemicals. It has a unique ability to withstand mechanical stresses in the form of pressure and movements. This provides unique benefits as a geomembrane that will be exposed to settlements and movements in the ground.

Elastoseal EPDM Geomembrane remains elastic regardless of age and temperature and offers high resistance to root penetration. It is not subject to stress cracking and does not have a yield point like thermoplastic materials.

Environmentally friendly

Elastoseal EPDM rubber membrane is a good choice for the environment. The membrane contains no environmentally hazardous substances and does not give any leaching or emission of chemicals during its lifetime. Rubber membrane can be reclaimed, recycled, or reused.


    -Reservoir/Dam/Agriculture Container sites

    -Ornamental lakes and garden ponds

    -Leachate reservoirs at municipal landfill sites

    -Biological water cleaning

    -Diversion and collection of surface water from residential areas

    -Groundwater protection

    -Roadside ditches

    -Liquid-manure containers for agriculture

    -Lining of channels and ditches

    -Covers for municipal landfill sites or polluted ground

    -Closed storage of industrial waste

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Nerang, QLD 4211
Added: 5 December 2011 3:10pm
Last Edited: 6 December 2011 11:13am
Australian Environmental Mining Solutions
Australian Environmental Mining SolutionsAustralian Environmental Mining SolutionsAustralian Environmental Mining SolutionsAustralian Environmental Mining SolutionsAustralian Environmental Mining Solutions
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