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Wormtec Worm Farming

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We are leading the way in producing organic microbial fertilisers that have no negative impact on the environment - all while being ultra competitive on pricing! We can supply organic fertilisers or apply them for you.

  • Our Services:
  • >> Providing lawn, turf, gardens and agricultural crops with our worm extract fertiliser; we can also apply it for you.
  • >> Education, training and onsite application of natural worm extract fertiliser.
  • >> Show you how to improves and maintains soil health to ensure gardens and crops grow correctly utilising soil biology whilst reducing negative effects of airborne chemicals, pollutions and toxins.
  • >> We provide products that make gardens and crops less susceptible to disease and insect attacks.
26 village Way
Oxenford, QLD 4210
Added: 30 May 2008 4:04pm
Last Edited: 16 May 2013 11:25am
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