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Success and Mind Coaching

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Success and Mind Coaching provides Laser vision into your Challenges, Clears the inner road blocks and supports you through accountable action steps.

An intuitive and structured questioning process allows you to gain greater insights, engage self discovery and attain specific outcomes. We identify and clear any personal inner road blocks to success as you have defined it.  

An example … a professional salesman client of mine was a top earner for his company earning in excess of $200,000 a year consistently. When he went off the rails it became very painful for himself and for his company. ‘Tom’ and I did four 90-minute sessions, spaced weekly and he was back to # 1 salesperson, stronger than ever. He figured ‘All I have to do is think success and my mind will attract what I want’.

Well he was already a master at positive thinking - yet he was not getting the result. What we discovered, however, was that he had an unconscious sabotage pattern in place – a hidden reason for not succeeding. Once we found the culprit, it was easy enough to change. Tom’s demise and return to success was a reflection of his own mind – just as it is for you and I.  


Jeff Allen has delivered Coaching, Training, Workshops and Seminars for the last 15 years to individuals, groups and audiences - mostly in the business and corporate arena. His clients include Accor Premiere Vacation Club, Harvey Norman Retailing Group, Remax Property Associates and TAFE College.

This business is based at Burleigh Heads. Phone Jeff Allen 0412 737065 any time.

Burleigh Waters, QLD 4220
Success and Mind Coaching
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Last Edited: 15 September 2010 10:02am
Success and Mind Coaching
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