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QLD Sales, a duly registered Queensland Company ACN: 009779515 was founded in 1993, one of the first Australian OnLine Australian Managed Advertising Publications.

During the next two years extensive planning and research was undertaken to ensure we presented the Website and products in a versatile and User Friendly Format including presenting all offerings in a unique singular and combined manner; to present a Website that was easy to navigate; planning and building our Online Tactics with the view to ensuring our clients enjoy the best possible circulation with a readership relevant to their needs; to use all the web tools at our disposal to help each and every client reach a successful sale; to offer continuous service for the client's full advertising term and to ensure that our Publication could be found easily by prospective buyers seeking the products our Publication has to offer.

To these ends QLD Sales assembled and still retains a Full Time Management and Marketing Team who are dedicated to supplying the best possible service an OnLine Publication can offer. QLD Sales went OnLine and became available to the Public in 1995. Since that time, it is estimated that the Publication has been accessed over 100,000,000 [One Hundred Million] times. Over 60,000 people have advertised with us, and since that date 9,250+ have achieved a successful sale.

The team at QLD Sales still research and apply new technologies and tactics to ensure our clientele avail of the best possible service. We are always open to suggestion with the view to improving the service in all areas and take the opportunity to thank ALL those who have already contributed information and advice with special thanks to and and

Chirn Park, QLD 4215
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Added: 30 May 2008 4:04pm
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