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After almost 20 years of working for large corporates in a range of roles from being a Personal Assistant, Sales Coordinator, EventCoordinator, Marketing Assistant, Bid Manager, Account Manager and Channel Manager, I am offering up my skills as a virtual assistant.

I understand sales and business, and know things that can add profits to your bottom line while making your life much easier (and less stressful).

Like, for example:

* Customer Service -- Including calling your new customers and upselling them other products, dealing with complaints, and evendiscovering their hot buttons (for your market research) and more.

* Appointment Setting -- Which can give you rock-solid positioning if you do business-to-business selling

*Email Marketing - how often are you in touch with your clients?  Simple and effective using a proven system

* Research -- For your products, sales letters, articles, and even potential services & vendors (so you don't outsource or hire the wrong people)

* Writing Newsletters (print or email)

* Developing Sales processes and tools and templates that will have your team running at 100% capacity and efficiency

* Writing Business Correspondence Letters, Reports, Proposals (To customers, colleagues, government agencies, etc)

* Find & Contact Potential JV Partners -- By email AND phone

* And more for all services or visit

View Anne's Linkedin profile for more information on her background,

Carrara, QLD 4211
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