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Mygem Gemstone Fatcory Outlet

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Home of World's largest Amethyst Healing Pond. The spectacular Amethyst geode originating from Brazil weighs a massive 1.4 tonnes and has 150 kilos of Drussy crystals around the edges. In addition to the MyGem collection is an impressive 10 tonnes of sparkling, glowing and jaw dropping crystals and minerals. There are thousands of gemstones and gemstone jewellery on display to marvel upon.

A large Amethyst Geode has been transformed into a magical water pond feature. It is said that Amethyst crystals are known to have mystical healing powers, so as water flows through the crystals, the water is transformed into a multi-dimensional healing element. Viewers can take pleasure being in the presence of nature’s wonderful and unique creation. You can write a wish or a prayer and leave it around the Amethyst healing pond or buy a glass pendant with amethyst stones and fill it up with the mystical water from the Healing Pond.

The history of opal mining in the family has been a stepping stone which lead to the path towards gemstones. The family has opened up a Crystal Cave with free entry which will soon include one of the rarest Fossil Opal Collections in the world, it will display rare and stunning items collected over 20 years. Some Fossils in the collection are so rare that even most Museums do not have them.

View unique opalised pineapples, opal shells, belemnites, which are similar to the present day squid. The Crystal Cave possesses a unique fluorescent mineral display, collected from all over the world. The display is placed under an ultra violet light which illuminates the vivid and spectacular array of colours from the minerals.

There are tonnes of wonderful opal rough to look through and find your very own personal treasure whether it be the gemstones, the gemstone jewellery, the geodes or the opals.

23 Surfers Av
Mermaid Waters, QLD 4218
Added: 14 February 2011 8:11pm
Last Edited: 18 February 2014 8:35am
Mygem Gemstone Fatcory Outlet
Mygem Gemstone Fatcory OutletMygem Gemstone Fatcory OutletMygem Gemstone Fatcory OutletMygem Gemstone Fatcory OutletMygem Gemstone Fatcory OutletMygem Gemstone Fatcory OutletMygem Gemstone Fatcory OutletMygem Gemstone Fatcory Outlet
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