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Kenkokan Karate-do

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The Kenkokan organisation promotes the martial art of karate and self defence, to teach the student both physical and mental discipline.  Hence, a great deal of stress is put on achieving not only flexibility and aerobic fitness, but, also learning to relate to a strict set of moral values which are often forgotten in today's society.

The U.K.B. Kenkokan system boasts many senior and junior, male and female, black belts who are proven in competition and are very capable instructors ready to assist in the running of the organisation wherever required.

Our founder Grandmaster Pat McKean is regarded as one of Australia's leading martial artists and truly a master instructor. Grandmaster McKean is the founder and chief instructor of U.K.B. Kenkokan Karate-do. He is a Hanshi 10th Dan and one of the pioneers of karate in Australia since 1970.

Born in 1950 in India, Grandmaster Pat McKean has been training karate continuously from the age of 4. He has been teaching karate in Australia since 1970. Grandmaster McKean is a Vietnam Veteran and served with the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Infantry in Vietnam in 1970 - 1971. He was the Outstanding Soldier of the Year in 1970. Hanshi McKean is a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran with 6 medals to his name.
3 / 694 Ashmore Road
Southport, QLD 4215
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Kenkokan Karate-do
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