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Gold Coast Personal Training

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Want to Know the Real Reason Why you Can't Lose Weight? We Provide a Holistic Approach to Weight & Wellness - over 20 years experience!

Our holistic approach incorporates a number of strategies for successful weight management, increasing fitness, improving health and vitality, improving your mindset, and addressing your psychological and emotional barriers along the way; with our primary focus on creating and maintaining sustainable healthy lifestyle habits.

Ask about our signature program! If you are seeking a weight loss or health and fitness program with a difference, our “Holistic Wellness Program” is a total overhaul that includes such things as success coaching, lifestyle evaluations, personal training, naturopathic consultations including a Live Blood Analysis and Bio-impedance evaluation and assessment, diet and nutrition consultations (including our “IHS Trolley Overhaul”), hypnotherapy, NLP, emotional release processes, and relaxation training utilising various therapeutic techniques.

If you want to lose or gain weight but also improve your health, our health and fitness coaching is a step in the right direction. We can also help you set up a holistic program that meets your personal goals and teach you the best way to exercise and integrate a healthy lifestyle, especially through nutrition, improving stress levels and a positive mental attitude.

At Integrated Health Specialists we understand that people are unique and complex individuals, and not simply isolated muscle groups or collections of health issues. We take a step outside the box of simple exercise prescriptions and diet modification. We believe in developing nurturing relationships and open communication, to facilitate positive lifestyle changes and effective problem solving for unparalleled results. Our training methods and nutritional guidance are combined with developing concrete solutions and empowering mental attitudes, as a result developi ng synergy within the body, leading to greater balance, strength, energy, and overall health.

The emphasis for any health and fitness training should come from the coach or trainer's understanding of what works best for their client, what has not worked in the past, and a complete understanding of human movement, diet and human behavioural patterns. It is not just abo ut pushing someone hard, but more about working out at an effective level to achieve their goals and encouraging a balanced lifestyle. A good coach is able to pinpoint what motivates you and what demotivates you. This is where our health and fitness coaching is unique; as part of your program, we will uncover what are the physical and mental obstacles and barriers to your success.

71a Hardys Road
Mudgeeraba, QLD 4213
Todd van Namen
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Gold Coast Personal Training
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