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Live With Balance

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Have you noticed how the more modern and advanced our world becomes the more stressed and unhealthy our bodies are. If you have ever been on a diet then you know that losing weight is less about your 3 gym sessions a week and more about how you balance your lifestyle, stress, hormones and nutrition. If you don't have enough energy, use sugar and coffee to keep going and want to feel and look better, I can help you. What I do is help you balance your posture, lifestyle, stress and nutrition with good movement patterns to help you feel energised, motivated and fantastic, both inside and out. Call me now for your FREE health and lifestyle assessment.

Being a Personal Trainer these days is more about helping you feel fantastic , motivated and healthy enough to move forward than it is about getting a six pack. The gyms are full of young people pumping iron but the fact of the matter is that as we get past 30 (yes, me included) its less about the abs and more about creating long term health for yourself and your families. The fact remains that our hormones, stress levels , sleep patters and nutrition are all over the place as we put more pressure on ourselves in these modern and conflicting times. Is it no wonder that our bodies are bearing the brunt of our poor lifestyle choices? If the idea of a 8 hours sleep is just that, if you wake up feeling tired every day and never have time for yourself - then I can help you. Imagine what it would feel like to wake up energised! To feel healthy and strong! To have enough time for you and your family! You are your best assest, it's time to treat yourself with the respect that you deserve and give yourself the gift of health.

What I do is help people manage their lifestyle, stress, nutrition and movement patterns to empower them to live full and healthy lives. Let me show you how with a free assessment. Call me now to make an appointment.

5 Lakeview Bvd
Mermaid Waters, QLD 4218
Live With Balance
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Added: 29 June 2010 9:24am
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Live With Balance
Live With BalanceLive With BalanceLive With BalanceLive With Balance
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