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InviRack Invisible Board Rack

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InviRack invisible board rack is a surfboard rack, a bodyboard rack, a wakeboard rack, a kite board rack, a skim board rack, a kneeboard rack, a skateboard rack, a snowboard rack, or a wakeskate rack!

Simply clamp onto the back of your board and hang on a strong picture hook. Take your board down and the InviRack invisible board rack comes down with it.

Hang your board in seconds. Simply hang on a picture hook or similar. Simple light weight design. Not permanently attached to your wall. No unsightly straps, bars, hooks or foam is left on your wall! No visible straps, large hooks or bars. Easy to use. Space saving.

InviRack invisible board rack hangs your board horizontally and flat on the wall. It is non-invasive and is space saving.

PO Box 10693
Southport BC, QLD 4215
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Added: 1 April 2009 9:15am
Last Edited: 15 April 2013 3:34pm
InviRack Invisible Board Rack
InviRack Invisible Board RackInviRack Invisible Board RackInviRack Invisible Board RackInviRack Invisible Board Rack
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