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Ice Slushee sell new and used Bunn Ultra slushie machines.
Perfect for making the tastiest ice slushies. 
Ideal for Parties, Events ,Cafes, Clubs, Bars and Restaurants.
Increase your profit by up to $20 000 per annum.

We sell and service all Bunn ice slushie machines.

Bunn Ultra Slushie Machines provide high quality frozen drinks dispensed quickly so your customers won’t have to wait.

Featuring heavy duty motor and stainless steel construction and advanced electronics, the Bunn

Ultra machines have been engineered to work reliably every day.

We are Bunn-O-Matic® Factory Authorized Sales and Service Agents for Australia and New Zealand.

Parkwood, QLD 4214
Added: 1 December 2010 7:37pm
Last Edited: 2 December 2010 10:31am
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