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  • Discover Health Pty Ltd

    Natural medicine clinic specialising in women's and family health, fatigue, depression & anxiety...

Our uniquely designed, handmade products combine all the natural wonders of the purest of aromatherapy essential oils mixed with the magical qualities of organically formed Earth crystals.  They have been further infused with positive frequencies and vibrations using cutting edge healing techniques.   These powerful combinations designed and used in daily practice by a Feng Shui Grand Master, can be used to positively change your environment, mood, actions and life experience. 

The Classic Collection;

Beautiful Day- Feeling Fabulous Range... light bright bubbles of happiness dance around the room, lifting the heaviest of hearts
Cuddle Spray - Pure Love Range...A cosy, all encompassing hug full of love just for you
Sweet Dreams - Serenity Range...Calms mind, body, spirit & soul and aids in a very restful nights sleep
Study-Buddy - Knowledge Range...Mental stimulation to aid memory retention, concentration & focus - great for academic study
Abundance - Acceleration Range...crisp, clean, fresh, sharp, plentiful just the way you like your notes to be! 

Robina, QLD 4226
Added: 16 November 2010 12:58pm
Last Edited: 28 June 2013 12:12pm
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