Local Experts To Deliver Surf Plan

The Gold Coast City Council is looking to grow our surf lifestyle and economy to ensure we remain the number 1 surf capital of the world.

To guide this development, a 10-member advisory committee has been formed.

The committee is chaired by Dale Dickson, City of Gold Coast CEO and creates a forum for collaboration between the City, State Government agencies, research bodies, community and stakeholders to inform the content of a broader Surf Management Plan.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said establishing the committee would ensure a diverse range of interests are represented and consulted.

“The plan will recognise the importance of surfing to the city’s lifestyle and economy,” he said.

“It will draw upon the collective knowledge of the committee members while summarising the existing scientific knowledge around surf quality that exists on the Gold Coast.

“The committee will define the surf amenity of our Gold Coast beaches and propose opportunities to address emerging surf-user issues and threats for surfing in our city. The plan will provide a point of reference for design of future beach management initiatives.

“We take the protection of our surf amenity, industry and culture seriously. Together, we will ensure we remain the surfing capital of the world.”

The plan will also identify State legislation, City laws, programs and projects that influence surf amenity on Gold Coast beaches.

The committee will next meet on 25 November followed by an additional six meetings between now and the delivery of a draft Surf Management Plan ready for mid-2015.

The Surf Management Plan is a key action of the Gold Coast Ocean Beaches Strategy.

Visit cityofgoldcoast.com.au/surfplan for information about the Surf Management Plan and advisory committee.

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